About us - Ducksuite

That's why we are here

This is just a bit about ducksuite, the people behind who had an idea and what they want to achieve.

What we believe in

To connect brands and consumers alike with captivating imagery that makes a real impact from real people. We want to turn your brand’s social into business.

Perfect lighting, beautiful models, and retouched images are not getting the same attention anymore. Nor do we see sales being driven by these images. Consumers are looking towards content that they can relate to, content that reflects their current lives and what they are aspiring to.

Brands need a way that can bring them closer to their audience, while still keeping their own identity. In todays market the power of the consumer is extensive. Their recommendation gains high value from other consumers. By featuring their customers’ own photos and videos relating to the brand it makes for a more in-height user-experience.

That’s why we are here!


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