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How to design an email newsletter that converts

You want to create an email newsletter campaign that will convert like crazy? Well, all you have to do is just to follow these steps and advices.

So why is email design so important?

Everyday millions of newsletters pop up in peoples inbox, so the competition for attention is like no other. And just because you use a gif, some flashy design and a great offer won’t cut it today. But having the right doze will make you achieve your goals for your campaign.

You properly think that it’s the big things that you have to get right, but the devil is in the detail. Every little thing matters when you have to make an email that will convert. Doing it right will increase your revenue – no doubt.

Subject topic

You can have made the perfect email, the text is amazing, product and offer is even better and the design is just on point. But none of this matter if the subject line does not grab the attention of the reader. So the subject line should be the one thing you focus most of your time on. There is a couple of tricks that you can use with great effect.

Some of the most successful emails are those who suggest something useful for the reader or increases curiosity. An example could be Have you seen the dress everybody is talking about? or The experience you don’t want to miss.

In these days we talk about FOMO (fear of missing out), which is a factor that you can use in your advantage. With this in mind, think a way your product or service can play on that. You could also try and create urgency in your subject line, just by adding just today or will expire soon.

One last thing in regards to the subject line – use an emoji that captures your subject line. The emoji will pop out in the readers inbox due to the colours.

And remember – keep et short and sweet.

Name of the sender

It’s important to build trust when it comes to newsletters, so you should find out what the name of the sender should be. The must common and safest way is to just use your brand name. And this will work fine in an industri where the relation to customers is more professionel.

Another way and the way I think you should go, is to use your own name. A great combination could be “Josh from WonderKing”. According SuperOffice by using a specific name, rather than just an email address or brand name, you can increase open rates with up to 35%.

By doing so, you will also set the tone of voice to being more personal and for the reader it will be relatable, that there is a person behind the email rather than a brand without a face. This is a perfect way to humanize your brand.

Images – both own and user-generated

When you receive a newsletter, the first thing you look at when you open it, is the images. The images should tell a story that is related to the product or your brand. Often we see stock photos or only product images, this will not make your readers keep reading.

With social media – especially Instagram, we see that people want’s to get inspired by the images and therefore you should really look into the possibility to feature Instagram images in your newsletters. This can both be your own or from your customers. We have tested this and seen newsletter’s with featured Instagram images in the bottom, have up to 32% higher click rate into the website.

Keep it out of spam

We have made sure that your readers will open your newsletter with the perfect subject line, but let’s not forget about the spam filter. This is usually something that can be forgot.

So how do you achieve to stay out of the spam filter? The email client will have an eye out for spammy words such as sale and free, and keeping the amount of links to a minimum is of essence in order to stay safe from the spam filter.

The takeaway

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your sales, but not easy to master. In order to get the best results, you should also pay attention to the details and keep trying new things. A lot of things you do and test will properly fail, but testing is necessary for you to find the formula.

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