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Nori Nori increased their sales conversion with 2.5x

Through an inspirational universe on their webshop, Nori Nori has achieved a significant increase in their sales conversion.


Breathe new life into your content

Nori Nori have created an exiting, lively and colorful buying experience for their visitors, where the focus is not only on the product and price, but instead allows inspiration to be the center of attention. The overall trend at the moment, is for consumers to be drawn to content that they can see themselves in. This is something that images showing models and products can’t provide. 

Like many others, Nori Nori spends a huge amount of time and effort on their Instagram account. By using ducksuite they are able to maximize the value of this effort by giving their content new life on their webshop and in their newsletters.

These are really interesting numbers! I am exited to see the results when even more customers are exposed to the content.

Ann Kirkegaard
Owner, Nori Nori


Even more sales in the future

In the last seven months Nori Nori have had approx. 76.000 visitors to their webshop. With ducksuite, Nori Nori has concluded that visitors who are exposed to the content from Instagram are more likely to buy. These visitors have a sales conversion of 2.49% which is a significant increase from their usual sales conversion. If visitors are not exposed to the inspirational universe then the sales conversion is around 1%.

Nori Nori have, with their inspirational universe, made sure to have content that does not solely focus on one product, but on a style and a look. By using the ducksuite Shoppable feature products can be added directly to the content, making it easy for the visitor to shop the whole look. By doing so, Nori Nori have increased their basket size with an amazing 52.7%.

If every visitor in this period of time had been exposed to the inspirational universe, this would have resulted in an additional turnover of 1.2 million danish kroner.

Based on these results, Nori Nori have now implemented Instagram feeds in several places on the webshop in various layouts through ducksuite, as well as integrated it into their newsletter to increase traffic to the webshop.

If you are curious to see how Nori Nori is using ducksuite, you can find their webshop here.

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