Platform - Ducksuite

What’s in it for you?

Load of benefits all gathered in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform tailor-made for your needs. Take a quick tour here.

Collect great content

Find your customers’ photos and videos in real-time from Instagram

Get updated when a customer mentions or tags your brand in their photo or video

Find out what your customers love about your brand

Be organised and in control

Moderate consumer generated content to tell the best story about your brand

Use filters to quickly locate your top content in a matter of seconds

Allows you to always have your goods where you need them, when you need them

Permissions made easy

Get permissions from your customers with just one click and let ducksuite handle everything else

Protect your brand by making sure that only approved content goes live on your website

All of your GDPR is taken care of

Publish in cool layouts

Publish in various layouts to match your website

Put your own spin on the look and feel of the layout

Don’t worry – no need for developer skills. The content will match your website and any device

We support all platforms

Be shoppable

Create an inspirational or hard-selling call to action

Simply tag your products or services directly in the photos

Add as many products as you like

Improve your business

Measure the direct ROI of using customers’ photos on your website

See the amount with which ducksuite lifts the sales conversion and average order value

See how customers’ photos compare to your normal sale from your web shop

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