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Why and how to use #hashtags

If you want to know why it's so important for you to include the right #hashtags, and how to create #hashtags that people will use, then stay tuned and enjoy the reading.

Why use #hashtags? 

  • When using a hashtag, it’s to make the tweet active, visible and searchable.
  • The reason behind using #hashtags is to center a topic, feeling, brand etc.

First of all, you need to choose #hashtags that people want to use and most important which your business can be associated to. If you choose #hashtags that users already have been used 1 million times you probably will get a bit more likes, but you will not see high growth of followers. You don’t want to give your users the expression of spam, but rather a personalized platform that remarks your business which User Generated Content amplifies.

User Generated Content is a very trendy marketing tool now a days, and people trust real content more than a product picture. Real content is the way to go. Make something special for your audience that is rememberable.

#hashtags gather the world 

#hashtags gather the world because it makes it possible for your business to reach users and business-communities who might not have seen the posts without the #hashtags. Now suddenly, your posts link your profile to the right persons and business-communities. Your posts get searchable and that’s how you increase your profile visibility.

The right business- communities 

Even though you can easily reach different business-communities, it is important that these are the right ones. Here you need to think about content. What do you want to be associated with? An example can be if you’re selling luxury furniture and interior then use the tags as #furniture #interior #luxury #design, as these are clearly associated with your brand. Use creative #hashtags that makes sense for your business and use them to tell about your product #productname, a picture says more than 1000 word, so your picture needs to have connection with the #hashtag. Use them as your own brand campaign #hashtags. If you have a new product or a software feature that you want to post, then use #hashtags that relates to this new product or software feature.

The quantity of #hashtags

The quantity of #hashtags makes a big impact on the user whether it feels like spam or a personalized business platform. Tweet 1-2 #hashtags that your brand want be associated with, and then depending on which theme you are using for the specific post select other #hashtags that empowers your business. Avoid using the same long list of #hashtags in your posts, it won’t increase your engagement, it makes your business seem spammy. Another thing to avoid is #hashtags that is gimmicky as #followforfollow #likeforlike.

Numbers show that a post on Instagram with at least one #hashtag increases average with 12.6% more engagement than a post with no #hashtag.
So don’t restrain from using #hashtags.



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