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Why @mentions is your new best friend

In 2018, Instagram updated its API in an effort to better protect user privacy and also gave new opportunities to brands for different ways to interact with their customers. ducksuite sums up what the changes mean to you and your business.

@mentions and #hashtags is a way to engage with your customers through pictures on social media platforms like Instagram. These are a common way to interact with people all over the world and you can easily benefit from this as well.

If your business doesn’t use platforms like Instagram, maybe it’s about time to get started. ducksuite is at your service and to explain, what the fuzz is all about.

One thing is clear; your customers are the best ambassadors you can get. Before Instagram announced updates to its API, you could gain consumer-generated content (CGC) both with the help of @mentions and #hashtags. With the new changes, the process is only automised through @mentions, but you will of course still be able to search and use images with hashtags. At ducksuite we got your back. We will tell you all about the benefits of @mentions and what the changes mean to you.

The benefits of @mentions

We talked to our customers, crunched the numbers and made a list of all the benefits and why you should pay attention to collect on @mentions in all your future endeavours.

  • Brands were 5x more likely to use CGC they collected from an @mention

And why is that? When using @mentions your customers want to make sure that you see them. Therefore, your customers make sure the quality is splendid and you only want the best content for your website, right? With that fantastic content you will be able to create an inspirational univers for your visitors on your webshop.

  • And on average across industry verticals, there was a 12 percent higher chance a user would approve a brand’s rights request if they included an @mention in their original content. Note, this is just an average—Certain verticals saw even higher numbers with travel CGC seeing a 57 percent higher chance of a user approving a brand’s rights request when they included a mention.

And why is that? When a person is using a #hashtag, the main purpose is to gain reach and likes. On the other hand, when using you as a @mention, your customers want to engage with you and want your attention! Therefore, when they finally get your request for using their content they happily respond with a positive feedback!

So how can you adapt to the new setup?

It’s important that you communicate to your customers, followers and fans that you want content where they have used your @mention. We made a list of things you can do, to engage your customers to provide content for your website.

Make sure your @mention tag is visible on all your digital platforms!

  • Social media profiles
  • Website Homepage
  • Photo Gallery
  • In-App

A way to show that you want content featuring @mention is by letting your followers know in your Instagram bio. A great example on this is Kempinski, where they with a very small change engage their own customers to interact and be a part of the hotel marketing strategy. At ducksuite, we approve! What a clever (and simple) move!

The power of the newsletter! 

  • Don’t forget your newsletter! Newsletters are really powerful done right. With this media you have the opportunity to reach your customers directly, so make sure that they know that you would love to see their images of your products – with of course your @mention in the caption. Within this media, you also have a unique opportunity to stand out and use CGC. Insert pictures of styles to inspire your customers – with your own customers!

Call to action! 

  • Use Instagram stories, emails, and post-purchase instructions to let people know that they should start using @mentions. You and your colleagues can spread the word as well. Interpersonal communication may not have such a big reach as sharing on eg. digital platforms, but are very effective for those affected!
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